When Foundations Struggle – Written Monday 7th June 2021

When Foundations Struggle

people look up to me
as i look down on myself
people praise me
as i look to be somebody else
people put faith in me
as i abandon my religion
people hope for me
as i romance indecision
what people give –
i can easily waste
people look at my eyes
and then catch my face
i can destroy important ties
with uncanny haste

people look up to me
as i look down on myself
people give me a boost
as i long to understand
and in a series of long held party games
i fail to attract suitable hands
people whistle my tune
i just disband the band
and that is absolute madness
because, actually, i was quite a fan
people show me respect
and i take it to the betting shop
i plce it on a poor bet
something without the required legs

come on now,
find some belief find some self respect!

James Garratt – Monday 7th June 2021

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