Belladonna Princess – Written January 1996 (Aged 20)

Belladonna Princess

i stood by your side
i stood by your mind
sometimes you took me by surprise
belladonna, but in a human form
i stood by some poison
i was poised for it all –
but would you believe it –
i was just a fool
thinks i came down in the last shower
then belladonna is just a flower
the sort,
that you could take to your grave
i stood by your tricks
a piece of deadly nightshade
i could never come back
i could curl up and die
and i could just sit all day
and watch the saddest cry
with everyone you need a summer
not another winter
i do not need a belladonna princess
if my life was just shattered glass,
you’d just be the tiniest splinter

James Garratt – January 1996

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