Scared for You – Written March 1995 (Aged 20)

Scared for You

i am so scared for you
do you remember sleeping together
and the dream i had
someone went away
and the person did not come back
that person is you
how i wish that dream had not come true
but lately, i am worried for you
i phoned,
because i thought something was wrong
you said nothing was
but the fear was still there
even after you had gone
i hope i see you tomorrow
because i feel i should
going out together did not work
now i know that friendship is good
and there is so much less hurt
i remember that dream about someone special
a girl called kim
and she still plays on my mind
not because i want her
but because i am scared for her
and pain can be made easier
the more you share
the more the burden is lifted off of you
i am a person of contradictions
but to me, you seem very strange
i hope i will see you tomorrow
it would be nice to meet up again

James Garratt – March 1995

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Kim xx

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