Oh, It Is You – Written Tuesday 31st May 2011 (Aged 36)

Oh, It Is You

you are very pretty when,
you hair hangs down
and you accent –
has a delightful yorkshire sound
your funny texts
make me fall in, much closer
the, ‘racier’, texts
leave me in a whirl
i like your figure
and i figure out your jokes
i could run with you eyes
i could get lost in your spokes
you are very intelligent
and that particular attribute
was always meant –
to appear in this poem
it is just, pretty,
that was the first line
but that intelligence is showing
you are very pretty
sensual, sexy, alive
you pull out all of my feelings
easily from inside
sail boats, on the pools of my eyes
oh, it is you

James Garratt – Tuesday 31st May 2011

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