A Sick Kind of Pleasure – Written May 2009 (Aged 34)

A Sick Kind of Pleasure

i watched them –
pick over the bones –
of my marriage breakup
but i knew inside –
that they,
in their marriage –
had reached the point
we were trying to avoid
the moment of regret
after years, suddenly a void
you are still very judged
and you are still criticised
how did the hypocrisy
not eat you up inside
we only wanted to avoid
the totally dark
the brooding resentment
the ongoing pain
and phrases such as –
‘i wish i had never married you’
that is all we wanted to avoid
and we could see it coming
i watched you judge
and of course, it hurt
how much good is there in you
i bet you have asked that question
i would never say you are vile
i just take the view that the good
was stolen from you as a child

James Garratt – May 2009

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