Turning West in The East – Written August 2002 (Aged 27)

Turning West in The East

someone said
it would be from the east
i say it is the average person
using a mobile phone and walking the streets
someone said
that it would come from the east
that a third world war
would stem from their seat
but i say it is the non changing attention
of those in the street
the blindness to pain and corruption
and as we speak
it is those attitudes
of those in the streets
that will cause the world to end
not just some, ‘dictator’, from the east
our destiny is in our own hands
it is truly, our very own plight
do not turn away from the truth
trying to blame an antichrist
i have as much to fear
from the populous trudging the streets
as i do of any, ‘dictator’
turning west in the east

James Garratt – August 2002

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