Attachment Theory – Written September 2010 (Aged 35)

Attachment Theory

it was the disorganised attachment style
an absence of a coherent and organised means of coping
with fear and anxiety
and it made think about the care giver
and how abusive they had been
how they were described as a source of abuse
and i understood why
the managing of fear and rejection as so difficult
abandonment, fear and anxiety
has become so ingrained –
that the coping strategies are required in life
and of course i was there –
to see, first hand, the psychopathology that surfaced
and i watched the need to exert greater control
greater control over me, over my life and experiences
i watched them unravel in their fourth attachment style
it was boulby, main and soloman
i heard all the while,
it was their attachment theory, and that fourth attachment style

James Garratt – September 2010

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