My Brain Got Derailed – Written Tuesday 31st January 2012 (Aged 36)

My Brain Got Derailed

my life is good
but right now it has derailed
and it is true,
it hurts,
but care and love –
is not something lack

my train has derailed
someone set us a test
but we will not fail
my leaning tower need not collapse
and i think i left them at the the station
but i cannot go back

i did not know there was a plot
or that times was limited
and that was their stop
i always write in pen and ink
i try to write an interesting plot

i stop and then i think
have i found the perfect picnic area
out there on the brink
i know i must not fall over
my life is good
but my, it has taken a beating
but i know it will not be beaten

James Garratt – Tuesday 31st January 2012

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