Nan’s Hugs and Kisses – Written Tuesday 31st January 2012 (Aged 36)

Nan’s Hugs and Kisses

the children,
they will never know you
never call you nan
come over to stay
or hold your hand
those days are now days –
that will never exist
and somehow we must carry on
the children,
will never know –
nan’s hugs and kisses
the children will only know you –
through stories and the memories-
we keep alive
the love that burns deep inside
it hurts,
because you were going to be amazing
and for once,
enjoy just being you
the children,
will never experience your quirky view
but we will talk about you
and we shall tell the stories
that made us and made us cry
we will do our best
and keep something of you alive

James Garratt – Tuesday 31st January 2012

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