Limb to Limb – Written Wednesday 16th January 2013 (Aged 37)

Limb to Limb

how can they complain
they tore up my true identity
they tore it,
from limb to limb
denied me,
difficult relationships –
which up till then
i had struggled to preserve
relationships –
that i cling to in family storms
often seeking comfort
when feeling torn
they mention words i said
that curiously i never did
what do people realistically expect
if you fight for who you are
and you really feel the fight
then identity will feel personal
and much more than a right
i am not here –
to fit in with shapes and patterns
shapes and patterns –
i could never know
let alone realise that we all grow
but they attempted to attack –
my very identity
children may accept that –
but only initially

James Garratt – Wednesday 16th January 2013

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