What is Normal? – Written Sunday 30th January 2011 (Aged 35)

What is Normal?

what is normal?
does just being with someone –
define it as normal
because i have looked around –
and i cannot see
two relationships –
which are the same
let alone any two –
sailing under the banner of the sane
it is about feelings
because when i see the jealously
the spats and the fights
i am forced to wonder –
even if we can fuse each others lights
we are all pedalling –
towards so called norms
we are all just so conditioned
it happens from the moments we are born
so i am not so sure anymore –
about so called right and wrong
i have to look at the complications
and how two people rub along
we plunge neck deep into unknown waters
what is normal?

James Garratt – Sunday 30th January 2011

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