Disappointment – Written Tuesday 3rd June 2003 (Aged 28)


disappointment has followed me
and it has done,
for some time
it has found me on trains
on the mainline
in bookshops and restaurants
it has sat down at my table
and it has eaten from my bowl –
with a disappointing ladle
disappointment has followed me
from bedrooms to alleyways
to places –
that i should have never gone to
it has followed,
with a disappointing torch
which it is has shone upon my life
i have tried to shake it off
all with a shake and a grin
but i am top of its list
it is like we are best friends
so into arches and museums we go
disappointment clings to me
and i know, sometimes it really shows

James Garratt – Tuesday 3rd June 2003

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