I Am Tired – Written Saturday 12th July 1997 (Aged 22)

I Am Tired

i am tired,
i want to come home
help me,
help me with my roots
they leave me so alone

i am tired,
come and find me soon
come on,
help me fix this roof
the one that provides shelter
from feelings on the outside
and stuff from the inside

i am tired,
please come and take me away –
to a far better place
come one,
rearrange my day
and provide me with a smiling face

i am tired,
tired in all of my rooms
because imagination runs riot
and you cannot foretell my runes
there are corridors of distortion
situations out of proportion

i am tied,
where are you?
because when i need you the most
you can only be a ghost
especially as i find myself so lost

James Garratt – Saturday 12th July 1997

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