In-between Stages – Written Sunday 20th July 1997 (Aged 22)

In-between Stages

i am sure i have been here before
in the sense,
that i have i have seen –
what i am seeing now –
all too often before
i have done my apprenticeship
and i am going the round block again
but sightseeing again –
will just leave me lame
i am sure that there is more to do
but, if only i knew?
i cannot settle or sit still
and i might be seeing you soon
so how does that make you feel?
i do not want all the games
i have played them all –
till i have neither won or lost
it just goes round and round
a lot of water has gone by
and passed swiftly under the bridge
the one we cross when we die
and if it got washed away
it could make our bodies immortal
in-between stages
they all lead me to longing gazes
and getting older is strange
its not ever something you expect
it just creeps up and catches you
in-between stages, it is crazy
if only i knew what to do?

James Garratt – Sunday 20th July 1997

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