Watermill – Written October 2005 (Aged 30)


i do not care too much –
for the old watermill
believe me,
i have watched that wheel turn
and i have watched,
the water flow –
like the saddest tears
just when it wants to

i do not feel too much –
for the old watermill
i know,
it sits up upon the hill
looking down on the world
not knowing how it works
lacking in love and attention
it stays the same,
it stays perfectly still
it never has direction
for it never can,
as it is, rooted to the spot

i do not care too much
for the old watermill
it appears to have been left long ago
i am sure –
that once it must have been loved
now, well, i just do not know
somehow, it is beautiful
but it has never changed
and it continues to decay –
with its old wooden wheel
somehow it seems chained
that old watermill

James Garratt – October 2005

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