Criticism – Written Monday 27h December 2021 (Aged 46)


negatives have a greater impact –
than positives
they grab me –
push me up against the wall
criticisms kick away legs
and i feel as if,
positives do nothing positive at all
i know, we are back to the textbooks –
about traumas when you are small
confidence could walk tall
negatives hit me hard
they undo me –
i feel them expertly taking me apart
as i watch positives making a vain attempt
to restart my heart
i know positives mean everything
but in the moment
negatives mean more than anything
and criticism really speaks to me –
in a false and damaging way
in the moment i hear nothing else
and i hang onto every word it has to say
people say,
as if it is some kind of acceptable lesson
you are, ‘over sensitive’
and you should just accept all criticism
but negatives hold me so damn hard
if only people understand that realism
if only they understood how negatives tear me apart

James Garratt – Monday 27th December 2021

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