No Need to Shout – Written September 2007 (Aged 32)

No Need to Shout

so, you do not like me
and hey,
things did not work out
true, it is very sad
of that there is no doubt
it’s just too bad
but there is no need to shout
your taunts
your name calling
sometimes it causes a drop of rain
and just sometimes –
i see the spittle on your words
and i am struck by pain
but in truth, what you think
only ever matters to you
it does not matter –
to those that continue to love me
and those that support me
it is their presence in my life
that ultimately sets me free
so, you did not like me
what does it matter, life goes on
and not always the same
so we never really found each other
i am pretty sure we will both live again

James Garratt – September 2007

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