Taking Life By The Lapels – Written Thursday 20th October 2005 (Aged 30)

Taking Life By The Lapels

some people just happen –
and they seem to be alive
even have a conscience
seem to be a victim of circumstance
and when pressed,
the truth remains repressed
excuses tumble out
like raindrops in a storm
for them, life has happened to them
and has done, since the day they were born
it’s… ‘not their fault’
they, ‘tried their best’
it’s… ‘not up to them’
or, ‘even in their control’
out of their hands life is badly wrapped
yet they never understand
and never take life by its lapels
and give it a good shake
never turned it around to see what it is about
never turned it upside down
just to see what falls out

James Garratt – Thursday 20th October 2005

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