You Performed Open Heart Surgery – Written December 2008 (Aged 33)

You Performed Open Heart Surgery

so you had doubts and you were not sure
yet, you whispered sweet nothings
in the shell of my ear
you shared my bed
and you led my heart with your hand
i remember the words you said
yet, now they are words i do not understand
it seems i was good enough to be laid
you performed open heat surgery
and every emotion was displayed
now you say you had doubts
and now you look at me
you want me to absolve you of your guilt
and you want forgiveness
just to help you our of an emotional mess
yet despite all this doubts,
i was always good enough for sex
always good enough to be laid
and when people get what they want
they seem much less confused and afraid
and when their needs are met
suddenly, all this confusion and doubt
like the person, is easy to forget

James Garratt – December 2008

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