Extra Marital Affair – Written Wednesday 11th January 2022 (Aged 46)

Extra Marital Affair

for a while –
i was caught in a trap –
of thinking –
only i could be to blame
and stupidly –
it was all my fault
she was amazing at the time
and i did fall in love
but i thought we had moved on
extra marital affairs –
are, after all, a peculiar song
i thought we had been okay
she returned my toothbrush
and i thought,
should i have stayed?
then i remembered –
how she had sat round –
a friend’s kitchen table
and she proceeded to rubbish me
she did what she was able
i do feel guilty and i do feel shame
did i use her?
was it me alone?
and now, all these years later
it still sits with me
i still wonder about, ‘what ifs’
but it is only guilt and shame
putting in an overtime shift

James Garratt – Wednesday 12th January 2022

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