Life Sound – Written Thursday 28th July 2011 (Aged 36)

Life Sound

i listen to people
their voices,
their choice of words
the way they phrase
the order in which they consume
their hopes,
trickling out
their flirts and their lust
i look at their eyes
as they blink back the rust
i look at people
and how sometimes personal weather
rolls across them
clouds, darkly lit in their sky
i hold people
sometimes it is with my arms
and sometimes it is with my words
sometimes those people,
they capture me
and they see the sallow beams
that hold up my roof
and they see the space beyond life
aloof, but always astute
and sometimes i run with people
and watch carefully when we stop
i watch when we get left behind
and i listen to people
because that true life sound,
is always good to find

James Garratt – Thursday 28th July 2011

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