Power and Privilege – Written Friday 2nd September 2022 (Aged 47)

Power and Privilege

those older generations
they like to talk about, ‘snowflakes’
well, we are only, ‘snowflakes’
because you did not teach us
contentment and how to settle
so, your big draw,
left us like, ‘snowflakes’,
and now so many of us are unable to thaw

those older generations
they like to talk of days past
when you could use disparaging terms
and happily, grab a women’s arse
because, you know, it was better then
i mean, don’t you see?
now as those older generations gather and sit
they can count the pieces of broken family
the ones that no longer fit

those older generations
tell us it was all so much better
way back then,
in some unspecified forgotten year
when they had so much more power
and the belt and slipper were instruments of fear
way back when,
when older generations could fornicate and leer

those older generations
tell us how it was when they could do as they like
power was held over women,
over the multi coloured world,
which was seemingly at their beck and call
now they are the older generation
suddenly, they sink back into frames which look so small

James Garratt – Friday 2nd September 2022

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