It’s Genetic! – Written December 2005 (Aged 30)

It’s Genetic!

it’s genetic,
they cry
no more children
just in case they are sick
homemade experts
who understand the genetic bricks
they leap and whoop
and dance with joy
they’ve solved the mysteries
of little girls and boys
it’s genetic,
do not be concerned about the facts
the diet of crap you give them
find some cranks,
ignore sensile rhetoric
feel so proud
it’s genetic,
how clever they must feel
and it is strange,
that they look like,
a one-armed bandit,
with one arm in the till
that’s what we all are
so they say,
genetic hand me downs
of parents DNA
oh dear, should we just give up now
clearly there is no fate for me
it’s genetic,
i do laugh, but rather sadly

James Garratt – December 2005

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