The Script – Written Wednesday 28th December 2005 (Aged 30)

The Script

here is the script, yellow and worn
faded and torn
but you know every line
you have played it,
since the time you were born
and now you know no other way
you need no prompting
you know how to act and what to say
the boards are well trodden
the make up is just as false
and the part cannot be forgotten
here is the script, yellow and worn
do you recognise the lead
the dialogue which is just the same
all the lines appear to bleed
you can act the part,
telling us how you really feel
i watch and slowly it falls apart
it happens quickly,
and suddenly it looks less real
when in doubt and feeling insecure
means you just revert to type
the script gives you all the clues
on how you should search for the light

James Garratt – Wednesday 28th December 2005

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