Broken Dreams – Written Friday 6th July 2001 (Aged 26)

Broken Dreams

well, my friend
god came and went
caught the last train home
rode that carriage,
all alone
the women left behind
all fought for a throne
well, my friend
they make them like clones
mother came and went
shouting and screaming
not holding hands
hair scrunched up and unwashed
pushing a double pram
the child blinks through the tears
even when it grows up,
it will never truly understand
well, my friend
this day came and went
it waited at the bus stop
to catch the last bus home
i saw it sit on the top deck,
but it was all alone
the dog will chew on its bone
till the road reaches its end
there is a lot for us to say
time will tell though, my friend

James Garratt – Friday 6th July 2001

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