Loved Her Once – Written March 2014 (Aged 39)

Loved Her Once

i looked at her face,
i did love her once
but now it seems inconceivable
she holds a baby
that in a distant past
may have been our pursued role
but different teams,
have different goals
she has changed,
become all she once fought against
perhaps we all do that
change the colour or pattern of our paint
it does make you wonder
what were we,
who were we then
all those principals and values
all those beliefs that underpinned our love
now changed beyond the seasons
seemingly without foundations
how could such children ever remain in love
falling out of love was not a choice
once i could have never contemplated it
but i lost the sound of that voice
and yet it was possible to pour and dissect
as if it still draws a response and my breath
i am not cold not i am in denial
it is the past and it has died a death
the future now is what we must contemplate

James Garratt – March 2014

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