Power of Self – Written Thursday 10th April 2014 (Aged 34)

Power of Self

i see no answers in the politics of parties
of groups,
some wear jeans
some wear suits
i am not warming to political processes
but i am more enlightened by individuals
the power of self
people join groups,
find pages,
trying to reflect who they are
as we travel past the ages
a defined definition hasn’t appeared so far
it is strange,
how we look to others
to tidy our house and change the bed
pick certain colours
to me it is a panorama of people
a kaleidoscope of dreams
some days people are this
another day, they struggle to sow their seams
some days they are painting nightmares
another day, drawing delicious dreams
groups do tempt me,
especially they claim –
to be a pillar supporting the left
but seeking power and looking at those who do
always leaves me bereft

James Garratt – Thursday 10th April 2014

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