A Certain Path – Written Thursday 10th April 2014 (Aged 39)

A Certain Path

those men hide in their relationships
they eye up the skirt
come home and play with the child
and hunt down respectability at work
those men have taken a certain path
and it’s made up flagstones,
and the faint reminder of a broken heart
those men look upon men like me
they pick holes in my boat
when i’ve been fishing out at sea
they knock my float,
pull upon my water wings,
but for all those times i have fallen apart
they know,
in reality we are all similar beings
i just wear it on my sleeve
whilst they just wipe their nose
and the sleeve is there,
until the honesty fades and eventually goes
those men have that life
the type we are meant to ascertain
the type that people like to keep in check
and then find comfort with on the train
they would like it to be different,
but i wonder if in reality, we are all the same

James Garratt – Thursday 10th April 2014

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