Where Are The Joins? – Written April 2014 (Aged 39)

Where Are The Joins?

picture after picture of their child
but none,
of the man they are married to
and the one they are meant to love
obsessional, perhaps i am wrong
i know i am not meant to say it
but for the fear of looking rude
or even crude,
it is just plain selfish
it scares me,
who do you become –
in this flurry of devotion?
this endless reference to children
was this your only purpose of point
where is the family picture
where are the joins?
it sits uncomfortably with me
either you are in a relationship
or you find out what you want to be
so the ladle my be covered in naivety
and when you have a relationship,
between two people it is never simple
but sometimes, i fear the exclusion
the type which i see,
that, whatever it actually means
seems to hit home and scare me

James Garratt – April 2014

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