Laces Undone – Written Wednesday 23rd April 2014 (Aged 39)

Laces Undone

death is a bucket of water
on the fire of passion
it is the cloudy day
that stops the sun
it is running with freedom
but now, the laces are undone
it’s imagining that previous day
where we were tied up with the sun
i try not to be stupid
not like i was when i was young
but death is a teacher
and it leaves you much older
it talks about temperature
and shows how it is to be coloured
i try to be as i once was
from old nag,
to slightly young fool
but death is a drag
and it leaves an impossible hole
i want to be tied in
with the naïve belief i once had
but death has found me a new destination
and it’s eager to pack my bag
i still love you,
but a part of the trust is agoraphobic
and it pulls me in,
i try and i try and i try,
because after the end has come
in reality all we can do is get up and begin

James Garratt – Wednesday 23rd April 2014

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