Jackpot – Written Wednesday 23rd April 2014 (Aged 39)


i look back over my life
it is hard to pick over some of the bones
i married a beautiful sweet girl
but i felt alone,
everyone said i should be happy
but i still searched for that home
i knew i was meant to be grateful
sort of quiet and thankful
putting my own thoughts to one side
but unlike those other men
i couldn’t,
so it just festered inside
but how could i not be happy with my lot
well, it’s because this fake society
chooses your jackpot
and says you should smile
how many people are sitting there
just trying to hold back the bile
why couldn’t i just make it work
others work with and settle for much less
and others learn to master holding their breath
but for me,
it has to be the best,
perhaps the impossible trapeze
the older men may look on,
and wear protective pads to protect their knees
just like the women wear body spray,
to fight off the bees
i look back over my life
it is a mixture of rollercoasters
and turning on different lights

James Garratt – Wednesday 23rd April 2014

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