Here We Go Again – Written Monday 19th April 2010 (Aged 35)

Here We Go Again

labour, tory, lib dem
here we go,
once again
i know what it means to me
and the less enlightened
they suggest the BNP
of course they use the argument
that they have a, ‘point’
well, let’s vote them in,
sit back,
and watch the mayhem begin
politics should matter
but in the current climate
trust has shattered
and change has to come from within
so when people look for a local drama
there seems too much
just too much around
i will vote of course,
david has no ideology
so they say,
and gordon just locks his jaw
good old clegg,
seizes every opportunity he saw
but, labour, tory then lib dem
i roll my eyes,
and think, here we go again

James Garratt – Monday 18th April 2010

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