Me Clinging Onto You – Written Tuesday 29th December 2009 (Aged 34)

Me Clinging Onto You

what are you like
over there,
with your eyes blazing
for all your faults,
my feelings,
they say you are amazing
my intellect,
as dented as it is,
says be careful when presented –
with such an unusual gift
what are you like
when i think about it,
it always comes back,
to the broken relationships
that i witnessed as a child
here i am,
trying to relive them myself
trying to step out of this dark shadow
and be somebody else
what are you like,
and what is there that i can do
we swim in life’s traumatic ocean
with me, clinging onto you
and my rationality says to me
this is the last thing i should ever do

James Garratt – Tuesday 29th December 2009

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