Ripples In My Pond – Written Wednesday 30th December 2009 (Aged 34)

Ripples In My Pond

there are ripples in my pond
and i think,
it is because of you,
because i saw you –
disturb the water with your hands
i would walk across lilies
just to understand
they told me that there are places
where i can run
and where i can move forwards
where i can get things done
and i would be away,
from the ripples in my pond
and maybe i would find –
a bosom of complete comfort
a place where i could truly belong
away from the lilies
and the ripples in my pond
away from the cold dark water
i see you,
i see you on the other side
there with your hands in the water
causing ripples in my pond
i do not think i will ever understand

James Garratt – Wednesday 30th December 2009

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