Feeling Down Over You – Written Sunday 28th February 1993 (Aged 18)

Feeling Down Over You

there is a load in my head
and i just don’t know what to do
a girl passed by,
i should be happy but all i do is feel blue
i see this when i am out and about –
on the streets, around this town
i want to run and grab her,
i really want to shout
but as the girl passes,
i feel really down
there is confusion in my head
everything is out of place
this haunts me like the ghostly dead
like blood way out in space
i just don’t see the sun or people passing by
just one warm hypnotic face
every day she steals my feelings
they report back to me,
and i know my feelings do not lie
my tongue disappears –
every time i try to speak to you
being near you,
i should be as high as the sky
every day is a chance wasted,
that’s why when i see you i feel so blue

James Garratt – Sunday 28th February 1993

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