Has Anyone?

Has Anyone?

You write about me
with a piece –
optimistically under the banner 
of poetry.
Your strangled communication skills
suffocated in the wheeze of your perception
raindrops boring through memories
you’re nothing more than pitiful deception.
You write about me
hoping for some kind of communication
yet the words –
are caught in buckets of anger –
and the sawdust of bitterness.
They never connect –
just as your rhyme, reason and rationality
have never actually met.
You wait for the response –
hoping strangers will caress your ego
and jump start that broken self esteem.
You wait for my anger –
hoping to be satisfied by the steam
yet you remain there
A funny looking awkwardness – 
that hangs out in that strange looking stare
a nervous laugh –
has anyone ever been there?

James Garratt – Monday 31st December 2007

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