The Middle Ground

The Middle Ground

there is a middle ground
but humans
push to extremes
who wants to be a centrist?
with blairite dreams
shake me with these feelings
the discussion
leaves me reeling
call me in the morning
when the world is more appealing
some of us are retreating
and have become too lazy
to even pick a side
i do not want to go, my own way
and the male only,
forums and pages
are filled with ignorance
never catching any of my gazes
so i come back to what i know
with my half arsed written prose
a lack of love for one side
does not make me a member of the other
and are there only two sides anyway?
it is society,
the most complex of shapes
the middle ground is a no mans land
which surveys each side of hate

James Garratt – Monday 7th May 2018

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