Land Grab

Land Grab

brexit is no than the re establishment
of the establishment
and rule by a ruling class
if you thought we were taking back control
then you may just choke on your blue passport
the top tier care little for your tears
they simply want to preserve their status
fueled by misinformed fears
that is all brexit is,
it’s high society, ascot, lords, titles,
and champagne with a smug fizz
if you voted leave you have been conned
and do not think of dear old england
as somewhere where they will let you believe
this poisoned isle is theirs,
and they intend to double down
on the medieval feudal system
it is about to become the latest trend
brexit is a death knell to conservatism
and the its sinking class
it is not social justice or social democracy
it is england, with a sign saying, ‘keep off the grass’
where the hopeful become the fox,
and gentry pursue it, till it is caught

James Garratt – August 2018

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