Looking Inside

Looking Inside

i sneaked in the dark
carrying pandora’s box
it is a long time since i looked inside
i was scared
i wonder what i would find
it was my pandora’s box
it held all of my secrets
many of which i did not want to know
or get reacquainted with
i run in the dark
to dump it into a poison sea
i was sick with worry
i did not want to find out about me
it is easy to be ashamed of your past
or wish you had done things differently
but you cannot change what you were
as long as it is how you used to be
hopefully you will have learnt
and now be doing things differently
but you will be carrying around –
a pandora’s box
it is not something you can hide
it holds all your secrets
i am afraid that is something deep inside
old secrets never go
they never die

James Garratt – August 1995

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