tedium of everything
can and probably does get us all
the feeling that nothing changes
that we are insignificant and very small
that everyday is the same
that there is no point for a calendar
when it all stays the same
it never seems to change
everyday is the same as the next
the week is just as usual
you know what to expect
to escape the tedium of everything
is a tough thing to do
life come sin bits, to be put together
unfortunately we do not always get the glue
and sometimes the bits are not all there
and have to make the most,
of what we have got
you can forget about instructions
they long ago got lost
so have fun if with what you have
and if that seems blissfully naive
then that is a pity
because at least it is something to believe
in this claustrophobic city
that surrounds us all
you can beat tedium though
just think, you are walking tall
and you may start something
you are not so insignificant and small

James Garratt – August 1995

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