Fog, Excitement and Fear

Fog, Excitement and Fear

a life lived for experience and adventure
never really knowing… just dreams
about complex futures… remember when
retro was just all the rage
days pressing repetitive numbers=
days before minimum wage
just wondering… who could i be,
in this world of possible dreams
but… lost at sea and trying to fathom out
some kind of positive,
from the decades of false facades
and something destructive,
my posture was never right in those days
when your depressions dreamed of cheap flights
and we would find ourselves as outsiders
trying to negotiate our way out of jealous fights
holding on with all our might
but never knowing really how to hold tight
let us be reflective but not selective
in the memories we hold so dear
let us occasionally not row but drift back
to the days of, fog, excitement and fear

James Garratt – Thursday 6th December 2018

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