This is My Life (I Used to be a Wife)

This is My Life (I Used to be a Wife)

she looked at me with a look of,
well, ‘this is my life’,
it is true, once i was somebody else
i used to be a, ‘wife’
but those days went,
when i realised ambition was just a glorified knife

i watched her make her way out of the room
as the young man with puppy dog eyes,
that reality is just a balloon
and it will either, deflate,
burst or drift away
he has married young
and found he has lost the words he used to say

i watch all these middle age people
as they swirl around my eyes
i think about their younger years
in which they used to confide

i went into the world with my eyes open
i shuffled my way through standard education
she looked at me,
living as she is, through her current situation
and sometimes, we all look at each other
and relaise that we do not need an explanation

James Garratt – Thursday 6th December 2018

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