Untitled Piece – October 1996

Untitled Piece

you won’t, i know you won’t
now it is hurting
now it is getting to me
i finished all my dreams
found happiness after all
but now it is leaving me
aren’t circumstances cruel
don’t you think
you stick to the rules
but still you lose

you won’t, i know you won’t
this has been the best –
and the worst of times
i found everything
but lost my mind
this is real hurt
shutting me out
to shut yourself off
if i mean that much
surely we should just do it
just let us reach out and touch

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This is an untitled piece from October 1996 – sometimes i am tempted to title pieces that are untitled. On this occasion i have left it as it was written in my writing pad. If I was to give it a title now, some twenty three years later i’d probably call it, ‘Let Us Reach Out and Touch’ but that is me in 2019 thinking of a title. I think at 21 in 1996, i probably would have called it, ‘Touch’ or something simple like that .

James Garratt – October 1996

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