People Pass By – Thursday 12th December 1996

People Pass By

people pass by
i do not know why
i cannot see them cry
but they do look depressed
perhaps it is just a monday morning type look
as they pass me by
i wonder about their lives
though i am rarely drawn to their eyes
i cannot see them joke
occasionally they laugh
but often it seems as a result of madness
rather then something someone said
people pass by
i am a viewer of a surreal film
celluloid images that i press my palms against
everyone is watching each other
under a weary gaze
in a side alley mews
they disappear into a daze
i cannot always smile
as i drift past the people
who look suddenly different
yet we somehow still need each other
even when we seem undercover
people pass by

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James Garratt – Thursday 12th December 1996

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