Those Years – Thursday 12th December 1996

Those Years

those years took their toll
those years shaped my role
those years were the hardest i have known
those years of growing
feeling awkward and shy
feeling and thinking of everything
wanting to almost die
in teenage years you wander and groan
sometimes it is really good
sometimes you can be really thrown
those years seem like a weird experiment
those teenage years years when you have grown
into some kind of human being
those years can leave a tinge of bitterness
masked by occasional laughter
that almost chokes from the throat
those years were the hardest ever
and when people apologise to me
for thinking i was stupid and they were clever
i remind them of how i have grown
and how, thanks to people like them
those were the hardest years i have ever known
now we are all a little older
and somewhere along the line
a tiny bit more wiser
those teenage years
good and bad were the hardest i have known

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James Garratt – Thursday 12th December 1996

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