Four Days of Thinking – Thursday 20th February 1997

Four Days of Thinking

four days of thinking
thinking of what to say
i have been through a lot of relationships
i have done wrong and i have been wronged
i have stayed when i should have gone
i have gone when i should have stayed
i have had my fantasies floored
and got nowhere yet cried some more
i am tentative in my approach
i am tired of meeting the strange
i do not need their hang ups
they end up being my own
it gets strange when you are alone
but i do not need a bad relationship
but come sunday i will be by the phone
like the widow by the grave
who will openly grieve
there is no time to save
my heart is on my sleeve
and despite all the hurt
i get every time to take some more
because one day i will find a person
with the key to utopia’s door
i am sure it will be somewhere closer
closer than where i am now
four days of thinking
cannot help wanting to see you soon

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James Garratt – Thursday 20th February 1997

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