Rundown – Written Thursday 13th March 1997 (Aged 22)


rundown, not surprising really
it has been a hard couple of weeks
if it was measured in volume
it would be loud and of course, volume speaks
rundown, it has not been easy
i have found out a few things
a few things i would rather have not known
it is like i never knew some people
who i thought i did
the real them must have hid
that is until now
rundown, but i have got you
right now, i want to see you
but i am finding it hard to make time
and i have got to get used to losing space
it is okay, that suits me fine
rundown, changing a few things
learning to lean on new people
it has left me exhausted
and i know, the good comes with the bad
so i should feel lucky,
and not so sad

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James Garratt – Thursday 13t March 1997

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