Confusion Part 2 – Written December 1992 (Aged 17)

Confusion Part 2

i stood upon the ancient cliffs
and i looked across stormy seas
the ones that foretold my destiny
i searched the skyways of my mind
for a place that would be let me be free
as i sat in a cold room, i asked the spirit of magic
if their soul was cleansed
with tongue and cheek, they said, wait and see
the distorted images came from a lonely mind
they taunted me and came to life
i look inwards,
but i still did not know wrong from right
i made a journey to the edges of the world
to find a secret place
to cry for eternity and hide my face
in my travels i came across the god of love
she the very embodiment of everything that is beautiful
but her lips i could not kiss
because upon her head was veil of lace
a veil that destiny could not lift

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