The Loss of Two Towers (Uncertain Times) – Written Friday 2nd November 2001 (Aged 26)

The Loss of Two Towers (Uncertain Times)

uncertain times
some days like landmines
that those in power –
step upon,
the loss of two giant towers
replaces with tears, wreaths and flowers
who is going to look forwards
there is a reality,
the human race is self destructive
and in a constant state of instability
so let us all be reflective,
there is a sound
it sounds like, ‘my religion is better than yours’
it is the sound of children in the playground
let them argue it out at the final doors
there is a, ‘war on terror’,
they say there is a threat to civilisation
that is the, ‘rallying call’,
so where is the war on poverty and starvation
surely the greatest killer of them all
uncertain days,
uncertain times indeed
and if there is a god,
then they must be sad for those who have chosen to believe

James Garratt – Friday 2nd November 2001

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