A Time Like This – Written Sunday 22nd March 2020 (Aged 45)

A Time Like This

they laughed at the news
that the business would now be shut
the middle class mum
with her online, ‘cake business’
someone else,
with blonde hair and tanning salon skin,
i suspect she was with a ‘darren’
who did plumbing or something
she chuckled,
on their social media thread
the educated and seemingly well read
hurrah! – another business that they see
as, oh so, ‘working class’, well now it is dead
clearly they had not checked,
every piece of information or the pages
seemingly oblivious to the workers, and their –
‘flexible’ or ‘zero hour contracts’ and low wages
those would be the workers they do not understand
because it has never affected them
they have climbed out of the barrel
and pulled the ladder up from behind
all those fitted kitchens with their islands
and all those sun drenched laws,
and jobs which are just hobbies in evening wear
they have a glass of wine,
and the bottle convinces them not to care
perhaps, now, their attention will be contract
somebody put these people in the chair

James Garratt – Sunday 22nd March 2020

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